As you travel along with me, I’ll be sharing different little hot spots that I have enjoyed: cafes, breweries, bars, bouquets. Think of me as your friend sharing advice about where to visit if you happen to be in El Paso, in one of the towns we rotate through, or in some funny little locale in which I find myself wandering about.


I love education particularly art education. You can teach pretty much any subject through art activities. Since I’ve at some point or another taught most grade levels up to the 10th grade, I will also post some art lessons I have given that are grounded art history. These will just be fun educational resource activities for a mom or dad who is struck at home during a school break or who is, perhaps, homeschooling and looking for an educational fun activity for their kiddo. Each lesson will have some age appropriate questions and explanations for pre-K through 5th graders. If parents have questions about adapting the lessons, feel free to comment or contact me!


From time to time, I’ll share a little free vector or design for my followers’ personal use. Hopefully it will spark a bit of creativity! Feel free to share these “freebies” with your friends. I only ask that you give credit where credits due (just tag us!).


In the blog section, I hope to regale you with some of my daily musings about making the most of the what God gives you, however unexpected or discombobulating; possibly some thoughts to help get you excited to embrace being a little transient, a little more adventurous, a little more of who God made you to be.  As a med school wife, I will move multiple times with my husband from medical school to residency to fellowship before we finally settle about seven years from now into our first permanent home.  These moves can feel stressful, isolating, and overwhelming. New city. New friends. New house. New job.

I remember moving from Dallas out to far West Texas and feeling so overwhelmed by everything in a city that was completely new to me. Slowly but surely, I realized that this transient lifestyle is precisely what I make of it. In my blog, I hope share some of the wisdom and good humor that has taken me through the last few years outside of my comfort zone. God has such a way of providing incredible opportunities to grow and to help others grow simply by placing us in new soil. So, as you follow my blog you'll follow me moving from soil patch to soil patch exploring and celebrating this joy-filled life God has given me.