Theresa Watson Rawicki, Owner & Designer.

Theresa Watson Rawicki, Owner & Designer.

Thank you for visiting Rococo Loco Design! I’m so excited to have this platform to showcase my design aesthetic and to share a little about my loco life!

In each of my designs, I seek to mingle the past with the present, the time-honored with the contemporary, using the tools of graphic design to arrange a whimsical marriage of cherished traditions and modern sensibilities. A match made in heaven!   

My knowledge of art history, my classical art training, my travels, and my encounters with so many different colorful people in the myriad vibrant places I have called home have been and continue to be opportunities for learning and inspiration. Each detail of my designs reflects this menagerie of scholarship and experience.

When I begin to consult a client about a design – whether it's an invitation or a logo – I'm able to pull open this vault of historical and cultural history for reference. Should I be looking at propaganda art from Ancient Rome or maybe some research from the Der Blaue Reiter movement? Unlike most graphic designers, my initial training was focused primarily on art history and on classical artistic media. Although my path to becoming a graphic designer was certainly different from the traditional one, I feel so much better equipped in consultations when I am helping clients create a vision for their piece. To slightly paraphrase Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” I took the road less traveled by, and it has made all the difference.  


Simply put, I am an old soul with new glasses. I have a deep rooted appreciation for the past, but I always have an eye on the future. Each of my designs reflects a look back on the history and culture of our past transformed into something that is fresh, distinct, and new.  


Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Dallas in 2013 and, upon graduating, accepted a position teaching art and art history at a charter school in the Dallas neighborhood of Deep Ellum. After marrying my sweet husband in December 2014, we made the great migration out West to El Paso, Texas. After a little soul searching, I decided to start my own graphic design business. Numerous hours of planning and several cups of green tea, Rococo Loco Design – with its focus on custom design work – was born. After two and a half years designing in West Texas, we moved again to New York. So here I am, a deep Southern soul currently living, learning, and creating in the most metropolitan city in the North.

I love working with clients to realize their unique vision.  I endeavor always to be punctual and practical, and I invariably seek to go the extra mile for every one of my clients. Whether I’m designing a series of prints to raise awareness for a cause close to my heart or working with a client to actualize their design vision, I always strive to work energetically and purposefully such that each design decision is both intentional and excellent.